What is PPF Escrow

PPF Escrow adheres to a strict code of principles and ethics, guaranteeing your escrow transaction will be handled as mandated by the local governing laws and regulations. You can be confident your escrow will be managed professionally. PPF Escrow is an independent escrow company licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight and a member of the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation. Under the DBO, we are a truly independent neutral third party service who has the best interests of all parties involved in the transaction.

PPF Escrow has been serving the Southern California real estate market for the last 5 years. We have served our client base proudly since 2013 and have many repeat customers who love our commitment to quality and trustworthy service.

The utmost in integrity in the escrow process, confidentiality and adherence to escrow standards. We always meet the demanding deadlines of our clients, and provide due diligence in your most trusted transaction.

We provide the same level of service that the big escrow companies provide, but at a much more personable level. Our escrow team is very accessible and very personable, and can be reached directly.

Trust and Integrity are our main policies and service is the cornerstone of our business!

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The Escrow Agent is an Independent Third Party

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PPF Escrow is an independent escrow company, licensed by the State of California, Department of Business Oversight. This license regulates the procedures and practices that we follow, and subjects us to stringent requirements that have been designed to protect the consumer.


By choosing our company you are safe-guarding yourself and your investment. Our job is to guide you expertly and rapidly through the entire escrow process, operating as your fiduciary to help you avoid the many pitfalls and complexities of today’s real estate transactions.


We are subject to rigorous laws and business practices and are audited regularly to ensure the highest level of financial stewardship. We are bonded; each of our employees must pass a detailed background check as to ensure propriety in handling of funds and personal information.